Maylis Woodletter Fount

A Wholly New Fount Named Maylis

To purchase see the "Letterpress Gift Shop"


Cleeve Press has designed a wholly new fount.

The Maylis fount is influenced by medieval pen drawn uncial letters.

These are individually drawn in pencil and painted by brush with black ink.

The Uppercase woodletters have been engraved in hardwood by Mark McKellier in 2020.

An original letterpress printed limited edition broadsheet of the final engravings is available @ £12.

The sale of the limited edition broadsheet will fund the cost of setting up & manufacturing the woodletter fount.

To secure one of the thirty limited edition broadsheets 37cm x 31cm please see the "Letterpress Gift Shop" on this site.

May Lis Fount Design © Nicholas J Birchall April 2019

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